New homes for more deserving cats

Handsome Harry, safe at last

We found a home for Harry, who was in need of help. His new owner Shirley says:- "Harry has found the window sill in my bedroom to be a good place to sit and sleep and he very much enjoys a cuddle on the settee when he gets the chance! He was a bit off his food when he first came to us but has eaten well this afternoon and evening. He seems quite happy, and played with his cat nip mouse and feather toy".

Jessie and Charlie - plenty of cuddles!

Jessie and Charlie are another pair of sweet cats we’ve re-homed. Their new owner Jacqui says:- “Thanks very much Carolyne, I'm happy to say both Jessie and Charlie are settling in well with lots of cuddles and are definitely showing the dogs who is boss! Jessie even made it down to the kitchen this morning, running around with the dogs. Although she is going to need a bit of gentle persuasion that the counter tops are out of bounds!” 

A fresh start for pretty Pippa

Pippa was given up by her owner when her husband has an allergy to cats. Her new owner Eileen says:- “She is now coming out of her hiding place without any prompting and sits on the bed beside either of us whilst we stroke her and talk to her. She has used the litter tray from day one. She is eating so things are progressing very well. I have given her a scratching brush with catnip on which I think she has used because it has moved. She has now met the dog and that went very well.