New homes for some of our sweet boys

Happy playtimes for gorgeous Barney

Just after our last newsletter went to print we received a brief update from Jenny, who had adopted Barney. She says:- 

Barney is settling in very well, thank you. He is very playful and very affectionate, and we are so happy to have him.”

A very special home for Smokie

Smokie was brought into our care with an old eye injury which meant that his eyelid wouldn’t close properly. We decided that an indoor home would provide Smokie with the best environment as we feared he might get dirt into his eye outside, thus making his condition worse. After a couple of days settling in, we received a message from Lisa, Smokie’s new owner, which tells us everything we need to know:- 

Smokie has settled in fine, he is a lovely cat.“ 

A rocking new home for Lemmy and Ozzy

Lemmy and Ozzy are a pair of sweet male kittens born in our care. They were adopted in July by Emma and Liam, who write:- 

We are so in love with them and they’re both doing really well. Many thanks, as ever!”