One more Happy Ever After …...

A happy life and new friends for Ronnie

Ronnie was brought into our care when his owner said she didn’t want him any more. He was adopted by Jade and her family, who adopted Lucky last year and felt that he wanted a companion.

Jade writes:- “Ronnie is doing really well and is so much more relaxed and free spirited. He has gelled very well with Lucky and he is so lovely to have around. He is great company and will come and sit next to us on the sofa, on the bed or on the floor. He has really come out of his shell and seems so much happier compared to when he first came to us a few weeks ago.

His fur is immaculate and he has been getting some exercise where he will venture into our garden for a bit and then come back indoors again. He likes to sit and watch the world go by or he will play in the grass and catch butterflies!

He goes out with Lucky in the mornings and they go off together. Ronnie has become like a big brother to Lucky and they always greet each other with a head rub if they come in at different times during the day. Ronnie sits with Emily and watches her play, he keeps her company and vice versa! Lucky and Ronnie both come in around 10pm and they sleep together. We all love Ronnie so much.

Thank you for allowing us to have Ronnie, we can't imagine being without him, we are lucky that Ronnie has chosen us to be his forever family”.