Our black and white stories

Cleo is a queen in her new home

Cleo was given up for adoption by a lady whose husband became allergic to cats. Luckily, we found her a lovely home and her new owner says:- 

Cleo has settled in really well. She's been a bit more quiet the past couple of days but I think that’s to be expected   until she can venture out. She has the run of the house when I'm at home, although she seems very happy just to look out of the windows!” 

A sparking new home for Bubbles and Fizz

Bubbles and Fizz are the kittens of Lily. We found them a perfect home and their new owner says:- 

Bubbles and Fizz are doing well. Fizz is purring and coming out to see us. Bubbles is not there yet but is making good progress”.