Over the Years, we have Reunited: 2010 The Tale of Two Kitties: why you should have your cat micro-chipped!

Two lucky black cats were reunited with their overjoyed owners nearly a year after going missing, thanks entirely to being micro-chipped and the help of some dedicated volunteers from our new branch!

A kindly butcher had for some time been feeding a stray black cat at his shop in a country lane in rural Hertfordshire and mentioned to one of our volunteers that he was concerned for her welfare.

Glenn Currell, our welfare officer, went to scan the cat and offer some advice, hoping that we might be able to find her a loving new home.
To his pleasant surprise, she was micro-chipped! The cat, named Meg, was 12 years old and belonged to a young family who lived several miles away from where she had been living for almost a year!

On contacting the family, they were equally surprised! 'We've found Meg!' said Glenn. 'You can't have done,” they replied. “We're looking at her in the back garden!”

It turned out that, when Meg went missing nearly a year ago, the family were so distressed at losing her, they went out scouring the streets and found a cat they thought was her, a bit bedraggled, not too far away from their old home. As they had recently moved, they assumed she had tried to make her way back to where she used to live.

Meg was reunited with her owners and the butcher was delighted to know that Meg's owners had been found. Now the next part of the mystery was to find who the imposter was living in Meg’s place!

“Meg number 2”, who was certainly identical within a whisker to Meg, was also micro-chipped!

Her real name was Lizzy, she was 8 years old and belonged to another family living nearby who were equally overjoyed and quite tearful at her return after such a long period of time!

Topically, both of the cats had originally been adopted from different branches of Cats Protection!

What a lovely end to the day!

Picture is of Lizzy back home with her family!

Bev Crisp (our Coordinator at the time) says “We cannot stress strongly enough how important it is to have your cat micro-chipped. If your cat gets into a car or van and ends up miles from home, microchipping offers the best possible chance for you and your pet to be reunited