Paddington - He's not a bear! - Update

Paddington has had a long journey, (some might say 'from deepest, darkest Peru!').
As you will know from our last edition, Paddington was found in a garage with, amongst other issues: serious dehydration and a stick piercing through his palate, emerging just above his eye.

After months of care at two vets and one of our dedicated fosterers, Paddington is pulling through, as you can see from the pictures.

Catriona from Garden Village Vets sent in the pic of him 'behind bars'!. She said 'Hello! Just wanted to share this super cute picture of Paddington I took when he stayed with us recently at the vets!!! He is such a sweetheart!

Paddington is one of the friendliest cats we know (see his tongue poking out in the picture above, like he’s blowing a raspberry!), and is living the life of lux-ury at his fosterers.

He is still on meds to as-sist with the infection from where the stick went through, but he is a much happier, and certainly a rather handsome boy!