Robson's Story

“I’m Robson and I’m a rescue cat.” There, I’ve said it. There’s nothing to be ashamed of in this statement, but many people may look down on me because of it.

My story started some time ago when I was young. Unfortunately I was not loved enough by my owner to get me neutered and microchipped.

Regrettably, my tale is not unique. Cats Protection Welwyn Hatfield, the branch that rescued me and saved my life, pick up countless cats and kittens every year who are either not neutered, not microchipped or both. Unless you have unique markings that can easily identify you, you become another statistic and another cat that needs to be found a loving home.

The lady who found me said that I had been hanging about for a few days. By the time that Glenn rescued me I had a burst ulcer in one of my eyes as a result of a fight with another cat and my other eye was swollen closed because of infection. I was very dehydrated and malnourished as a result of these injuries. If I hadn’t been rescued I would have died a slow, painful death.

When I was taken into the vets I was given pain relief but the vets weren’t sure they could save my life as I was in such a shocking state. Luckily for me Glenn and the lovely vet have strong stomachs for this sort of thing and were prepared to do all that was necessary to help me.

While at the vets where they had to remove my left eye, I was found to be FIV+ and this was almost certainly because I had been fighting with another male cat who was FIV+.

So how much worse can it get? Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I’m black and white. Unfortunately the majority of cats in rescue care are either black or black and white. Everyone wants the gorgeous grey or ginger. Some even take the tabby or tortie, but for some reason few people go out of their way to make a bid for the black or black and white cats. 

Anyway, enough of the pity. I was adopted by my owners three years ago and since then I have lived happily in their home where I am, I’ll be honest, spoilt rotten! I did put on a little too much weight according to my vet. I’m now on a strict feeding regime that doesn’t include anything like cheese, ham, roast chicken or beef. Oh well, it was great while it lasted!