Rumple and Tabitha

Well we are just over four weeks in with these oldies but goodies. They are doing great!
Tabitha is pretty much always upstairs so she has a litter tray, water, beds and food to use at her measure. She will come down sometimes but not often.

We just go up and give her fusses often and treats. 

Rumple still has a bubbly nose but can smell out his food easily. He loves being brushed and purrs loudly! He is finding his way well now. He spends most of his time asleep in his bed box on a squishy mat. He will meow for attention too bless him lol. 

Well that's about it. No big problems so far. Pee accidents happen but easily cleaned, we can read Rumple’s body language when he wants to go so we get him to the litter tray sometimes on time lol.  Rumple is actually weighing more like a cat now too! 

Message from Penny