"Sauron is becoming more trusting and extroverted"

Many of you will remember Sauron, the cat with an ulcerated eye, who featured in our Spring 2018 Newsletter edition. He’s doing very well now and this is the latest from his new owner :-

“He’s starting to become slightly more extroverted, and we're now stroking him twice a day, as he is at a level of trust to let us stroke him while he eats. He is spending more time out from under his chair and slowly becoming more trusting of us and doesn't just bolt back to his hidey-hole whenever we walk past. He's still a lot less adventurous when other people are around, but he's becoming friendlier with some of our friends who are more regular visitors to our flat, and will come out to eat/wander about when they are here. Healthwise he seems fine, no further toilet issues, and nothing negative to report!”