Sharing our Black Cat success stories

A forever home for Chloe

Josephine says: “We have to thank you for Chloe, she is the perfect fit for our family!

So far she's settling in very well, loves to cuddle and is super keen on playtime and food. Even though it will take some time, we’re confident our other cat Margie will not be able to resist Chloe's charm.

Here are pictures of her in two of her favourite spots”.

A relaxing new home for Robbie

Robbie - another deserving black cat we rescued - has settled in very well with his new owners, as these pictures show.

Daisy and Poppy, happy at last

An unneutered mum and her kitten found in Hatfield have a happy home
together - their new owner says:-

“Just to let you know how Daisy and Poppy are getting on, they’re absolutely lovely, have settled in well and Poppy has grown big. They get on very well with my other cat Bertie!”