Sharing our Success Stories


Poppy was adopted in February and has taken some time to settle in and boy is she loving life now! Although fussy with her food- she doesn’t even like the fancy stuff! She is a very happy cat! 



Jeeves has blossomed in the lockdown, enjoying both the front and back gardens and adjacent neighbour’s garden and the green, and is now upstairs and downstairs as he wishes!

Such great progress for a boy who found life so tricky when he joined us last year. He rules the dogs and us!

He clearly deserved another chance at life and has very much grabbed it with all paws.

This clearly shows that being diabetic is no barrier to him enjoying his time with us. 


The kittens have settled in so well! 

They've been great using the litter tray with no worries, they've been very playful and affectionate, and are keeping me nicely distracted for many hours each day playing with them, they're absolutely gorgeous!

We have decided upon new names:

- Tigger for Chunk

- Bagheera for Yoda!


Eddie is a very beautiful and sweet-natured cat who loves being cuddled and played with. Working from home? He will be patient for a while but once he’s decided he wants some attention he will walk all over your laptop, photo-bombing your colleagues on Zoom and sometimes trying to run away with your mouse. Want to spend less time staring at your phone? No problem – Eddie will come along and knock it out of your hand if he wants you to pet him. Need to go out to the shops? There will be a little furry welcoming committee at the door when you return.