Sharing some tabby tales

A sparkling new home for Bubbles and Fizz

Bubbles and Fizz were a pair of kittens brought into our care from a 19 cat household where they were not being properly cared for. After 3 months in our care, and extensive work by the fosterer, they were homed to Melanie. She emailed:

“The cats are doing really well - still quite timid but rewarding us with lots of strokes and purrs when they're feeling brave - we're only on day 5 so they're doing well! “

Adorable Oscar has a new home

Oscar is another deserving boy we rescued and we found him a lovely home. His new owner says:-
“Oscar is settling in very well - thank you - and making himself at home, as these pictures show. Thank you for letting us adopt him. He is a lovely cat and we all love him already. You all do such great work!”