I thought you might like to hear how Socks is getting on.

I adopted Socks last summer to keep my other cat, Clemo, company - and I'm so glad I did. Socks has been the perfect addition to our little family! She is so loving and gentle, and she has brought out the mischievous side of Clemo! The two girls love charging around the house together, hiding behind the curtains and jumping out on each other! They touch noses when they say 'hello' in the morning, eat their food with their tails touching, and both have their own spots on the bed at night. Socks has now developed the habit of walking over me, purring as loudly as she can, at 5 o'clock in the morning so she can get some extra fuss!

Both cats are happy together now and really seem to enjoy having each other around. Clemo is a much happier and more relaxed cat now she has a companion, but it wasn't an easy start - it took Clemo a good few weeks to get used to having another cat in the house. She avoided Socks at first, hiding herself away, and would hiss at Socks if she came too near, but Glenn's tip about giving them a treat and gradually bringing them closer together worked. Now it's like they are sisters, especially as they look so alike! Socks is black with a white bib and feet, Clemo is all black and just a little bigger.
I took Glenn's advice and both cats are microchipped and wear collar tags with the Anibase telephone number and their microchip number, so hopefully if they ever do get lost they can be quickly found. It gives me reassurance when they are exploring out and about.

I've attached some photos of my two gorgeous girls.

Thanks again for bringing Socks into our little family.

Best wishes,