Poppy's Story

We were called to an ‘elderly female cat’ who had seemingly adopted a young couple.  She had been stalking their home for a while and begun coming in and making herself at home.

When we attended, armed with a scanner to check for a microchip, we found her curled up happily asleep on a pouf in the middle of the living room, with her doting ‘adopted’ people lovingly looking on!  Scanning revealed she was microchipped but it was quite an old chip number.

The microchip company checked their database and gave us the telephone number and address of the registered owners; the cat had been microchipped 17 years ago!  The telephone number was obsolete so we headed round to the address which was in the same town.  It transpired the owners had moved two years previously but luckily the new residents knew of them via facebook and through that means we were able to contact them!

Poppy’s ‘adopted’ people confirmed that she had been seen around the vicinity for approximately two years, but because she was wearing a collar it was assumed she had owners and a home.  It was only when she starting entering their property and was visibly having mobility problems that they realised she needed help-and called us!!

The owner came round to see the cat straight away, amazed to hear that their family cat had been straying!  He explained that when the family had moved, Poppy had gone to live with their eldest son but had ended up straying around streets that were half way between her old home and new.

Poppy’s original family had done all the right things to look for her two years ago; putting up posters, contacting local vets etc., ,but Poppy did not come to light.  Wherever she was, she somehow managed to survive two very bitter winters where the snow stayed thick on the ground for weeks; and also last year’s very dry spell (remember that week?!)

At 17 years of age Poppy had miraculously survived before possibly realising she was getting on a bit now and should look for a retirement place for herself!
Her original family would have taken her back in, but their lives had moved on and, with them understanding how Poppy had found herself a home where she was clearly loved, they were more than happy for her to stay where she had chosen.   Poppy’s new family were also delighted!  She had come into their home and their hearts and, after two years and a few phone calls and meetings, Poppy’s story came out!

Poppy was quickly seen by a vet and diagnosed with mild kidney problems and arthritis.  She needed daily medication and her new family were happy to do this for her.  After her hard struggle Poppy found herself what she needed and we are very glad the people she adopted knew to ring us so we could help her.
Poppy now enjoys having regular staff to care for her!  She apparently consumes a big bowl of chicken whenever she gets the chance and loves sunbathing!

Poppy’s medication, food and cat litter are supplied under a sponsor scheme by our branch.  Her care and love are given freely!

We will always help where we can…but we can only help if people let us know there is a cat in need!

Poppy is one of our Sponsored Cats.  A sponsored cat is a cat that is either too elderly to be homed or is on constant medication.  If we can find someone who will give one of these cats a comfortable and loving home for the rest of their days, our branch will fund any medication and also provide food if required.  If you feel you would be able to help, please contact us.