Success Stories

Howie is finally feeling a bit more settled and growing in confidence daily. He's such good company and we are getting on swimmingly.
Thanks to you and Glenn and I'll be sure to get in touch if needed.
I enclose a photo of our Saturday morning.
Thanks again

Betty has settled in perfectly with us and we are delighted with this sweet natured loving cat, who is totally adorable.

She has ventured onto our patio at the back, when we are out there, but shows no interest in exploring further afield.  She is quite happy viewing the world through the window, which suits us fine.
Thank you for all the work you do and for letting us have her. She is a truly treasured gift that we cherish.
Kind regards
Pauline Ellis

Shimmer and Sparkle
We are really enjoying spending time with our new girls and they're really starting to come out of their shell with different personalities. I can even tell them apart now! They love to hang out on the sofas or under the washing! They even come really close when we have food :)
Hannah and Connor