Success Stories - Enzo and Roxy

"We adopted our two kittens in August 2020 and called them Enzo & Roxy.

Enzo was rescued being carried around in a carrier bag trying to be sold, and Roxy was rescued as a stray with her mum. They later went back and found her brother. But in the mean-time she was paired with Enzo and they have been inseparable ever since.

Roxy was incredibly timid and hid under the bed for the first few weeks, and although she is braver now, she is only comfortable with the family, and hides away if we have visitors. She is one of four cats we have, is the only girl and is by far the smallest, but she definitely rules the roost and is often seen cheekily giving the boys a little slap on the nose if they get in her way.

Enzo has a far more outgoing and cuddly nature. From early on he decided our role was to be his cuddle slaves. During lockdown we were all working from home, and he didn't care we were trying to type. I have never known a cat that is so stretchy and loves their tummy tickled so much. Enzo has the most beautiful colouring, he started off silver with black spots which have joined up into stripes as he has grown - except his tummy which is still spotty. And thankfully he has now grown into his ears which were as big as his face when he was small.” Marnie