Success Stories - Harriet Update

In February 2021 we welcomed Harriet into our home. Harriet had been picked up by Cats Protection in October 2020 as a stray with a broken leg, and after operations, plas-ter casts, love and attention she was with a fosterer looking for a forever home.

Our previous cat was the sort who lived in our house and acknowledged our existence occasionally, so we hoped we might be joined by a more sociable 'lap cat'.

For the first few days she was timid and spent time in her safe room, where our grown up sons would sit on the floor as she got used to them - hence one of them was the first person she went to and was declared 'her favourite'.

Within a week she was out of her room and had won our hearts. Due to her previous injuries she was rehomed as an indoor cat, and there is nothing she likes more than being with 'her humans'.

Working from home means lots of cuddles and she is now a regular attendee of online meetings in the UK and multiple continents! She is a very vocal cat so even if she can't be seen she can usually be heard! A year on we can't imagine life without her, and the expression 'fur baby' seems made for her.” - Debbie