Success stories - Poppy

We adopted Poppy back in October 2021 after regularly checking the Cats Protection site for an indoor cat we were sure would be happy with us.

Having had a rough start to life, It took Poppy quite a while to get used to us. After first arriving here, Poppy darted into her cat bed (very kindly given to us by Deanne, who fostered her) and we barely saw her for the first two weeks. She was so timid that we even set up a camera so we could see her timidly stepping out at night when we weren't in the room!

With time, gentle encouragement and lots of treats, Poppy slowly came out of her shell. Four months since we adopted her, Poppy is a completely different cat. She has a lovely playful side to her, particularly enjoying rolling around on the carpet, kicking ping pong balls around and chasing the fishing rod toy. She's also found her voice - literally. Formerly silent for the most part, she now meows aplenty when wanting attention or feeding. Thankfully this isn't at night, though she has discovered sleeping on our bed and can also let us know if we've slept in too long. She loves bird-watching from the window and regularly partakes in a nightly 'mad hour' when she darts around the house.

Poppy has definitely made herself at home and we're looking forward to making many more memories with her!

Georgina & Adrian