Success Stories


2 days after adoption: I wanted to let you know that Oscar’s settling in nicely. He’s currently a bit nocturnal and likes to keep us put with his chatting and spend the day sleeping. I got up early to hang out with him this morning. 

5 days after adoption: Oscar is very much out of his shell! We're trying to encourage him to choose chairs over kitchen surfaces at the moment (it's a work in progress). Here's a photo of him demanding my attention whilst I tried to wash up!


Another wonderful 'happy ending'! A cat that was given up because he didn't get on with the original owner's other cat. She has been in touch to say that her other (now only) cat has ventured into the lounge to relax with her after avoiding the room for 'years'. And it would seem that Reggie is happy in his new home as 'King of the Castle'! :
I am pleased to say that Reggie is a great success. He has settled down very quickly, even better than we could have hoped. He is eating and play-ing well and constantly sitting up with us and purring loudly. He spends a lot of his time looking out of the French windows and the bay window at the birds on the lawn.