Tabby Tales - and more happy endings

Bertie and Thomas up to mischief

Bertie and Thomas were abandoned with the rest of their family at a big cat sanctuary. We found them the perfect home with Louise.

Louise says:-

“They’re both doing well. Thomas is a true leopard and nothing seems to fill him up, but they're both lovely and playful. They have left me a wonderful corridor to surprise me after work, filled with toys, tea towels, the remainder of some catnip toys, and feathers that Thomas tore off a toy rather quickly!”

Una’s new family

Una was brought into our care after a concerned member of the public found her in his garden. She was heavily pregnant and produced four kittens. Una now lives with Gillian, and her kittens have also found their forever homes. 

Gillian says:- “Una is settling in so well and quicker than I had expected and we love having her around. She has been great with the kids and has explored the whole house, finding her favourite spots to sleep and comes for cuddles in the evening after lots of playing”.