Tammy’s story

Tammy arrived at our house in February this year. She was not feeling very friendly on arrival and took quite a while to set-tle. We have always had our cats from kittens in the past and found it quite different having a 10 year old cat who didn't sit on laps or want to be petted. In fact she often hissed at us!

Our advice to anyone taking on a rescue cat is to be very patient. We accepted that she would sleep behind the sofa next to the radiator and only be friendly just before feeding, but gradually over the months she has started to thaw out. It's such a joy when she takes a step forward. Mind you they are very small steps.

She will now come and hop up on the sofa beside one or other of us and loves to have her head scratched or under her chin tickled. This was unthinkable a few months ago.

She didn't seem to know how to play either, but soon developed a love of "pounce on the stick that's moving under the rug!" No other game would do and balls and stuffed mice are of absolutely no interest.

We were nervous about letting her out after 8 weeks as we thought she might want to wander, but we were completely wrong. The first few weeks we accompanied her for walks around the garden and rewarded her with a treat each time she came back, but we soon found that she is a real home-bird and is always ready to come in again if we appear.

We love her dearly and would thoroughly recommend taking on a rescue cat. They are very special.” - Marian and Dave