Tilly and Trixie

We got our kittens, Tilly and Trixie, from Welwyn Hatfield Cats Protection when they were three months old. Neither kit could be without or not near each other. We moved home when the kits were about 18 months old - a bigger house, more spaces to hide and play and better access to the outdoor world. But then something changed; the girls became intolerant of each other.

Firstly, fighting - not play fighting, this was serious fighting, bounding all over the house, in and out of rooms, attacking each other, it did not matter what time of the day. They then spent a lot of time apart and doing different things but would both come home to eat meals, in the same room without fuss or commotion.

We noticed that Tilly was over grooming herself and hair was missing, shortly after Trixie too. We wormed them, used spot on which appeared affective until the relocation.

During the summer, they would be civil to each other and come and go as pleased but still seemed to be avoiding each other. My girls tolerated the street cats more than each other and it was really beginning to show on our family and them, how distant they'd become.

I searched on the internet for help and guidance but all seemed to point to getting rid of one or both the cats - this was not an option!! In the end and desperate to the point of tears, I made a call to Welwyn Hatfield Cats Protection to ask for help. Glenn soon responded and set up a meeting with Carolyne and another volunteer, Kellie. They came round and chatted; I was advised to try watching a Cats Protection DVD on stress and cats, separating the cats within my home - keeping them away from each other, Feliway and a few other recommendations.

I set to work; Feliway plugged in, DVD watched and all information read. A trip to the vets ruled out any health issues and the Vet agreed that the hair loss was due to a flea bite reaction.

The separating part did not last long at all before they were meowing for each other. It seems that even though they saw each other when outside, absence makes the heart grow fonder! It is still slow progress but they are now back sleeping together, not curled up like before but at least they are in the same room. There is no fighting and both cats stay in overnight now. To have them both snuggling on our laps again is just perfect!

I would suggest to anyone to keep on working with their cats; patience is the key! I would not get rid of either of my girls and we're so glad they are happy again. Please don't struggle like I did. Ask for help, tips and recommendations.

Regards and HUGE Thank you's

Victoria, Tilly and Trixie