Two different tree stories

Moishe - off the street and onto his own cat tree 

Moishe was found in Hatfield in November - an unneutered, un-microchipped, friendly stray. We found him a lovely home and his new owners say:- 

After some moving around to see where he was most comfortable, Moishe has become much happier after gaining a cat tree and spends most of his day there staring out of the window. He has also stopped being scared of our hands and has become addicted to scratches and pets. He's yet to walk up to us for attention but he'll shout at us when we come near or stretch out a paw. He's not great at playing with toys and actually seems a little scared of them, so we're still working on that!

Naughty Nemo’s great adventure 

Lewis says:- “Nemo came to live with us two years ago. He is a warm, lovely and charming family cat. He’s not very agile but three weeks ago he discovered how to climb trees. He climbed a tree, saw something interesting in next door’s garden and jumped. He couldn’t climb the fence to get back and wouldn’t let us catch him. We tried everything and after a few days we were desperate. Luckily were able to borrow a trap from Cats Protection and caught him. Rather damp and cross, but safe and sound! We are so grateful for the loan of the trap and the words of advice from the CPL volunteer”.