Two more beautiful girls rescued ....

Bewitching Elphaba 

Elphaba came from a travellers’ site and soon produced four kittens – all of which have been successfully rehomed. Elphaba's new owner says:- 

Elphaba is doing really well. She is getting braver day by day but still likes to feel safe in her hiding spots. She comes out to enjoy a fuss now and then, and is happy to come and find me when she is hungry. She pats me with her paws if I'm not getting the food in the bowl quick enough or if I stop stroking before she's ready! She ventures round the flat at night, I often hear her playing with her mouse or running around when no one is looking. I feel happy she will warm to us as time passes and show us more of her playful loving side during the days to come. We are in love with her already and promise to do all we can to give her a happy full life. She feels like part of the  family already”. 

Mia - a friendly girl now! 

Mia was given up for adoption by owners who didn't want her any more. She was initially very scared and would hiss, spit and swipe at people. She had clearly not been socialised before. We found a kind and patient new owner for Mia, who says:- 

She continues to settle well. She is very curious and has her nose in everything - every cupboard needs checking and everything needs a very thorough sniff. Especially when I come out of the shower. When I had a bath, she was at the rim, worried about me  being under water. She’s more relaxed with visitors and greets them with a lot of sniffing, especially their feet! She’s a sweetie”.