Two more handsome boys with new homes....

A tonic for Gin

Poor Gin was handed in to a local vet after being found collapsed in the road. After health checks, which found him to be very dehydrated, he was signed over to us to rehome.

His new owners report that he’s still very cautious about everything, but is settling in, purring, drinking and eating which is all good news!

A life of luxury for former stray Rafiki

Rafiki was picked up as an un-neutered stray in Hatfield after being reported to us by someone who had been feeding him. His new adopter, Matthew, says:-

“As you may guess he’s made himself at home very quickly! He’s explored every inch of the house. He has a favourite chair to sleep on. The toys and scratching post seem to have gone down well and he likes to come to sit on a lap for a cuddle when he’s tired out. Sarah worked from home yesterday and Rafi “helped”.
He’s a lovely cat, thanks for pairing us up!”