Two more lovely boys re-homed

Teddy - life’s a picnic at last

Teddy (known as Elliott when in our care) was found collapsed in the road. He was taken to the vet and was almost put to sleep as he was so severely dehydrated they didn't think he would survive. He was transferred to Garden Village Vets, who managed to stabilise him and get him well enough to be rehomed. As he was also found to be FIV+, he needed an indoor home, which he has found with Sally. She says:-

Teddy is settling in very nicely. He's a real character! He's absolutely loving his food and he's getting more chatty all the time. He pops out from under my bed every time I walk in the room and he's been having a good inspection of the rest of the flat.

Vinnie tackles a new home

New owner Sandra has sent us a progress report on Vinnie - another sweet cat we re-homed. She says:- “Vinnie is settling in well. He is getting more confident every day and is enjoying a fuss and purrs very loudly. He sits next to me on the bed and I’m hopeful he will sit on my lap eventually. He likes sitting in his cat tree bed to view the garden, and he also enjoys playing with a soft rope and especially to pounce on it from under the bed!

I’m hoping to introduce him to my girl cat soon. He has seen her in the garden and they have smelt each other under the door. I am starting to swap scents. Hopefully in the next week or so he will start to explore the rest of the house when Bella is out.