Two tortoiseshell beauties

Lily finds her “inner kitten” 

Lily is the mother of Bubbles and Fizz, and she has a lovely new home with Suzy and Steven. They say that she was very shy at first, but “in the last month, she has found her inner kitten and plays with everything she can get her paws on. We are good friends and both Steven and I adore her! Lily is very vocal and greets me after work with a tremendous purr and a cuddle. She doesn't like to be picked up but she spends hours rubbing her head on you and loves    affection. She loves her window seat as she can see the birds and squirrels during the day and it’s above the radiator so she stays snug and warm”. 

Lucky Lola - safe at last! 

Hilary found Lola wandering in her street in November, clearly lost and very hungry. We helped Hilary locate Lola’s owners, but they could no longer to look after her. Happily, Hilary and her family adopted Lola. 

Hilary says:- “Lola settled in very quickly and is full of fun and mischief. She is respectful of our other cat, Lily, who is nearly twenty, although she doesn't always understand why Lily is not keen to play with her! Lola has a very healthy appetite and now has quite a large collection of toys which she thoroughly enjoys playing with - she never clears them away though! She's a very affectionate little cat and is always ready for a cuddle (if she's not on the move) and has brought such joy and pleasure to the household”.