Unplanned; Unwanted; Abandoned

At only twelve weeks of age, Twinkle had been one of an unplanned and unexpected litter to her young mum; her owner not having realised how quickly and easily pregnancy can occur in un-neutered cats, which can happen from as early as four months!

Unable to find a home for Twinkle, she was handed round, door to door, in the hope that someone might be able to give her a home.  When this plan failed her owner decided the only option was to drive her to the local woods and abandon her there.

Fortunately, for Twinkle, a concerned neighbour who knew of Cats Protection, intervened and Twinkle was brought in to care.

Twinkle has now been vet checked, microchipped and received her kitten vaccinations, and a loving home has been found for her.  She will be neutered when old enough to prevent this, sadly, only too recognisable story happening again.

Twinkle is the sweetest, loveliest natured little girl who will surely grow into a fabulous feline companion and bring happiness and joy.  Thank goodness her bad start in life turned to good luck before she was inconsiderately abandoned.  

Many are not so lucky.  For their own safety, kittens should not be outdoors without their owners until they have been neutered, so if you see young kittens out and about alone, please query it.  Call your local cat rescue group – Welwyn/Hatfield District Branch of Cats Protection, on 0345 371 1855.

Abandoning cats and kittens is illegal.