Updates on Thor, Loki and Bubba

Thor and Loki (formerly Potato and Twinkle) were adopted in August last year when they were 5 months old, by their owner, Kerry. You may remember seeing this photo of them to the right 

The pair have been growing up quickly and Kerry says...

This is Thor now below. His favourite spot is on top of the unit where he moves the curtain with his paw so he can look outside. He’s like my guard cat!


This is Loki (bottom) who lives up to his name as being mischievous. He was particularly fond of our Christmas tree and it was completely ruined by Christmas!

Bubba (who also appeared in a previous post) was adopted by Gill last year after his previous owners were emigrating back to their native New Zealand, and felt it would be in Bubba’s best interests for him to stay here. 

Gill says “I took this photo last week and was so pleased with it! He really is a gorgeous boy and it feels like he has been here forever, he has settled in so well. I have managed to encourage him onto my lap and he does this now without any hesitation and purrs so loudly. He loves playing with his toys, old and new ones. He goes outside now but is never out for very long and I always keep him in at nights. He is lovable, playful and made such a difference to my life. I really don’t know what I would have done without him these last few months, especially while we are in lockdown again!