Wookie's Progress

Shortly after adopting Wookie, Ian, Wookie’s new owner wrote, “It’s slow going with Wookie, but we expected that. He is still hiding a fair amount, but is letting us stroke him on his terms. He’s not interested in playing as yet but it’s only been a week, so early days. He’s beginning to eat well and we are trying to adjust his eating times to hopefully nullify the 4am feed!!

There are some positives too! He has begun to let our son stroke him too! Jude is being so gentle with Wookie and I think that it’s great that Wookie is letting “the noisy little Human” stroke him so early.

We hope he becomes more visible in the evenings and less in the night but that will come with routine and eventually when we can let him out, which will be a few months yet. I genuinely think the little boy is desperate to get outside and spend all the unused energy he’s built up!”
Some weeks later, Ian wrote to us again to say that Wookie’s confidence had been coming on leaps and bounds! 

“Wookie has been with us for just over 6 weeks now, and in the last couple he has really come out of his shell. He loves nothing more than a snooze on our bed or the chair in our bedroom, catching the sun through the window. He also loves fuss on his terms, with cheeks and ears being his personal favourites. He also loves a good head to tail stroke.

Wookie has really become part of the family, and loves playing with soft red balls, and especially, chasing feathers.

Wookie has been desperate to go outside and explore and it has been sad watching him wait so patiently for that time to come, which it finally has! And Wookie is slowly beginning to ex-plore outside.

Thank you so much to everyone who has enabled us to make Wookie part of or family and all the support that has been given through the process even in this unprecedented times. We couldn’t fault anything.”

Ian and family