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Newspaper CatWhat is going on in the world of Welwyn Hatfield Cats Protection? Here’s the place to find out!

Caring for an older cat

11 January 2020

Compared with some animal species, the average life expectancy of domestic cats is relatively long and, thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, is only going to increase. Many cats will live to 17 or 18, with some entering their early 20s and beyond. A one year old cat is comparable to a 20 year old human, with every subsequent year adding four years to its human age equivalent. Therefore, a cat that is 16 years old will be developmentally the same as an 80 year old human; in fact the oldest...

Is your cat overweight?

28 September 2019

Obesity in cats can be hugely detrimental to health which is why knowing when your pet is carrying excess weight is so important. Sometimes, particularly when weight gain is gradual, you get so accustomed to seeing your pet looking a certain way that you don’t stop to question it. According to International Cat Care, between 39 and 52 per cent of cats in the UK are overweight or obese. A cat is typically classified as ‘overweight’ when they are 10 to 19 per cent heavier than ...

Preventing boredom in indoor cats

06 September 2019

Some cats are “innies” and some our “outties”. Some have the best of both worlds. But for those that are housed exclusively indoors, boredom can set in if their environment lacks enrichment.There is plenty to suggest that indoor-only cats live longer, safer lives than their outdoor counterparts. But this is only true if their lives are fun and engaging. If you are going to have your cat inside, it is important to make its environment as ...

Why should cats be kept in at night?

26 May 2019

Not long ago, it was common for cats to be allowed out at night to roam freely and fulfil their natural instinct to hunt. These days, many owners prefer to keep their cats inside at night, where they feel they are safer, and this is something that we recommend.With one in four cats killed on the road – usually at night – it isn’t surprising. At night, car headlights can dazzle cats, meaning they’re more likely to get hurt or killed. Cars...

Cats Questions and Answers

12 May 2019

Q. When is a kitten old enough to leave its mother and littermates?A. 12 weeks is the best time as the kitten will have learned from play with its brothers and sister, plus it will also have had its first vaccinations. Your vet can advise.Q. When should a kitten be vaccinated?A. The first vaccinations should be no earlier than nine weeks, with the second ones three weeks later. Boosters should then take place annually thereafter. The kitten shouldn’t mix with other animals until fully ...

Free Cat Care Talks

13 January 2019

Cats Protection have launched a brand new Educational micro-site. This was primarily set up to share resources for teachers and fun activities for children. It now contains brand new talks, featuring new props, video content, updated curriculum links and two cat-related story books. This has now increased it's base to community groups, libraries and older groups such as secondary schools and colleges.These workshops are free charge, so if you are interested in booking an education talk, please ...

Hyperthyroidism in cats

15 December 2018

What is it? Hyperthyroidism is a common endocrine condition affecting cats. The condition involves the over-production of hormones from the thyroid, which, in turn, increases the body’s metabolic rate. This has implications for the entire body and prompts a number of changes. While cats of all ages can develop Hyperthyroidism, it is most prevalent in older animals of 10 years+. Less than 6% of cases occur in younger cats and the average age of onset is 12 years. It is estimated that ...

Autumn - Interesting facts

03 December 2018

Whether walking down the stairs or stepping into the litter tray, cats have a preference for which paw they put forward first. Male cats are more likely to be left-pawed, while female cats are more likely to be right-pawed. Most members of the cat family have claws that curve downward, which means that they can’t climb down trees head-first. One exception to this is the Margay, a small wildcat from Central and South America, which has specially adapted ankle joints that can move ...

How to give your cat a tablet

11 November 2018

There will usually be a time in your cat's life where you will need to give them a tablet by mouth. Not all tablets are suitable for crushing or giving with a meal, as food in the gut may hinder proper absorption of the medication. In other circumstances, your cat may simply refuse to take the tablet no matter how much tasty food you try to disguise it in. Giving a tablet by mouth is often a daunting prospect, as cats are more likely than dogs to struggle ...

Cats and Anti-Freeze

02 June 2018

Do you know that anti-freeze, which is regularly used in your vehicle radiator, is one of the main reasons of feline accidental poisoning? Around 95% of commercial anti-freeze available contains ethylene glycol and this is a toxin. In itself it isn’t poisonous, but as the body breaks it down and absorbs it this can lead to fatal kidney failure. You can buy a propylene glycol based anti-freeze, which although it is still toxic, has been found to be safer than ethylene glycol based ...

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

13 May 2018

You will no doubt be aware of GDPR coming into effect from 25 May 2018. This updated data protection ensures that personal data cannot be used or shared without the express permission of the owner.For example you will notice that instead of having to tick a box to say that you do not want to receive communications, you will now have to tick to say that you do want them. This is a great step forward to reducing unsolicited communications.You currently receive ...

How Your Health can Benefit from Owning a Cat

22 April 2018

Helping your cat cope with a serious health complaint can end up being both an emotional and financial drain. Yet seeing the positive effect of its treatment can be very rewarding, and make the continued expense seem every bit worthwhile. This is our conscious contribution to our cats, yet in times of need, without knowing it themselves, it is our cats that contribute best to the welfare of us.Research has been carried out on the human benefits of owning a pet,...