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Cats Protection Welwyn Hatfield District Branch is 10 years old!

17 September 2020

Happy 10th Birthday!

The Welwyn Hatfield branch has turned 10 years old this year! With the impact of Covid-19 it has been a very strange time for all to date.  

You may know from this site and Facebook posts that we, as most other people, companies and charities, have been in lockdown since mid-March. This of course has had a significant impact on the voluntary work that we do: 

  • Responding to calls, emails and Facebook requests for cats in distress, therefore being unable to take cats into care, including new mums and kittens, strays and those that need to be given up 
  • Ability to offer neutering and distribute vouchers, although we have been able to start this again just recently 
  • Unable to carry out home visits to find forever homes for the cats currently in care
  • Distributing food and litter to fosterers 
  • Attending fundraising events
All of which is raising concern and frustration with our branch volunteers for the many cats out there that we know are in need of our help. It is amazing how much we had taken for granted before the pandemic. 

The outcome for the cats, the branch, its volunteers, the vets and of course the public needing support is quite serious, and we are striving to find different ways we can keep the branch working and be able to continue moving forward as lockdown is gradually relaxed.

We are now able to start issuing neutering vouchers again, working closely with our vets to ensure that they have the capacity to do this work for us while they continue to implement safe practises, including social distancing (now there is a phrase I would have never considered using previously!). 

You will hopefully be aware of our Amazon Wishlist. We have been extremely grateful for the generous donations of food, litter and other items that have been coming our way. We do try and thank everyone via our Facebook page, although sometimes the donations are anonymous, so a lone picture of the gift has sometimes to be sufficient! You can access our Wishlist by visiting amazon.co.uk > click find a wishlist > search for Welwyn Hatfield Cats Protection.

We have been extremely grateful to the CP Lea Valley branch as they donated a significant sum in support of Welwyn Hatfield earlier this year. Thank you so much Bernie and team and we would like to wish Bernie and Maureen all the best as they retire from Lea Valley Cats Protection! 

Cats Protection HQ - National Cat Centre (NCC) is also working on branches’ behalves to find different ways of fundraising to support branches whilst they are unable to do so themselves. You may have seen on here and Facebook page the ability to make a donation to the branch, via a JustGiving link. Here is the link in case you would like to help: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/Welwyn