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Does Anyone Speak International Cat?

11 November 2017
On 5th July we received a call to our helpline from Denis who reported that his cat, Ryzhiy, had gone missing from the Hatfield area on 1st June and could we offer any help? He said that he had brought the cat over from Estonia and that the cat was a neutered and microchipped young ginger boy, but the microchip was still registered in Estonia. Glenn, our welfare officer, gave him advice on what to do and suggested that if he could get some photos of the cat over to us we would put them on our Facebook page. As well as sending over some photos for our Page he also attached details of the microchip number.
Within a couple of hours we received another call to our helpline from Antonio, who reported that his cat, Mauro, had gone missing from his home the previous day. Mauro had just arrived from Spain with his owners, and had only been at their new house for a couple of hours before he disappeared. Mauro is a black Maine coon and is neutered and microchipped. He is a house cat and so would be very wary and disoriented. Once again, we gave him some advice on what to do and asked if the gentleman could get some photos of the cat over to us on email so we could put them on our Facebook page.
So two cats new to not only the Hatfield area but the country! Happily, we received an update from Mauro’s owner the very next afternoon, 6 July, letting us know that they had found him! He was inside one of the house walls as one of the cupboards had a hole in it! He apologised for the trouble and thanked us; but as you will know, we were delighted to learn that Mauro had been found and it was no trouble to us at all. One safe cat! On 7th July we received an email from Mark, a student at University of Hertfordshire. He told us that he had a cat that had jumped in through their kitchen window and had been living and eating with them. He had taken it to a local vet and although the cat was scanned for a microchip the vets couldn’t help as they said that that the microchip was unregistered. Our welfare officer spoke with Mark and asked him to give the helpline a call as soon as the cat was back in his home so we could investigate further.

On 10th July Glenn took a call from Mark saying the cat was in his kitchen and was there any chance Glenn could pop round to see what he could do to help? Glenn scanned the cat and knew that the microchip was not a local one. It was soon found that the microchip belonged to Ryzhiy! A quick call to Denis, who was understandably delighted to hear from Glenn and another cat reunited with his owner! As it turned out, Denis lived less than ½ mile from Mark! It's a small world……...