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Important information - product recall

18 July 2021

Recent spike in severe bone marrow disease

Vets at the Royal Veterinary College have launched an investigation after they noticed a spike in cats presenting with symptoms of a mystery bone marrow disorder that causes a deficiency in all types of blood cells.

So far, around 60 cases have been identified, affecting cats in London and the South East but also as far afield as Scotland and Northumbria.

The condition (also known as pancytopenia) causes symptoms including unexplained bleeding from the mouth or nose and anaemia (a reduction in red blood cells causing pale gums and tiredness).

Owners and vets who have cats suffering with symptoms have been asked to fill out a survey so they can discover the origins of a potential toxin.

Early investigations have raised suspicions that the condition is linked to diet, and as a result the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has recalled a number of products made by Fold Hill Foods including: Applaws Cat Dry, AVA diets and Sainsburys hypoallergenic diets.

To date, the CP Veterinary department has not been made aware that this condition has affected any cats in our care.

Please be vigilant

We would ask all cat carers and owners to be vigilant and to contact their vet should they have any concerns about a cat in their care. For the full list of affected products, please visit: https://www.food.gov.uk/news-alerts/alert/fsa-prin-36-2021-update-1