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Lockdown and weight issues - for your cat!

15 December 2020
Lockdown has posed a serious challenge to the waistlines of both people and pets. That that little extra treat here and there all mounted up and perhaps you are feeling that your trousers are a little more snug than you would like and your kitty has become a big cat!

While people have been at home more, dogs could be taken on longer walks per-haps, but for cats, the only real COVID difference was the disruption to their daily naps!

If you think that your cat has added a few extra grams during lockdown, firstly, weigh your cat (we know this isn’t easy!) and check their shape, and call your vet if you need to check their previous weight. To get your cat trim again is a matter of small sensible steps, mostly made at mealtimes. A little less lunch means a little more loss.

If your cat is a good weight, then a Perfect Weight or Management food will help keep them that way. If they’re just a little overweight, then a Satiety or Light diet will help – just taking those crucial fewer calories (by volume) out of the eating equation every single meal.

Cats that are seriously overweight will probably need Reduction or low-fat/low-calorie foods – you would best be advised to seek veterinary assistance at this point. Whichever food you choose, be sure to read the feeding guide carefully and follow it closely. That’s the tricky bit.

Change between their existing food to their new weight loss foods slowly over the course of a week, mixing both together, gently increasing the proportion of weight loss food to avoid an upset tum. Then just keep going. Weigh your cat regularly, maintain portion control and exercise them with play as often as you can. They will lose the weight, but it will be a slow and steady process.