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The Importance of Neutering

24 May 2022
Cats Protection Welwyn/Hatfield District branch’s Neutering Officer, Joanne, tells us why neutering is so important, and how Cats Protection can help.

I started volunteering as a fosterer for Cats Protection in 2018. Eleven kittens and cats later I had to stop fostering following advice from my Vet. Two of my four cats have Calici virus so stress needs to be kept to a minimum and although they are supremely laid back, the comings and goings of new cats will cause stress levels to increase.

In 2019 I became the Branch Neutering Officer. In 2021, even though there were a reduced amount of vet appointments available due to the lockdowns, 117 cats were assisted by our Neutering and Microchipping Scheme – that's 61 females not having unwanted kittens, not having their health compromised by the mating process, not having complications from giving birth, which is very costly to resolve (if it can be), and 56 males not roaming far and wide looking for females, getting killed by crossing busy roads in their search (once they pick up the scent of an unneutered female there's no stopping them) and not fighting to compete with other males to mate resulting in sometimes fatal infections and injuries.

This is why I am passionate about helping people in need of financial assistance to neuter and microchip their cats. If you know of someone who needs help, it is here for anyone with no judgement.

If a cat is already microchipped, we can help with the cost of neutering. If not microchipped, we can help with the cost of both. The law is changing soon to make it compulsory for all cats to be microchipped and the owner's details kept up-to-date or be subject to a £500 fine.

An email to snipwelhat@gmail.com is all that's needed. Please pass this email address to anyone you know who might benefit from our help.”