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Unvaccinated cats

09 December 2017
In a recent survey by the PDSA, it was found that 35% of cats received no vaccinations when young; up from 28% in 2011. Please help stop pets suffering needlessly due to not being vaccinated when young. All cats and kittens adopted from Cats Protection will have had their first vaccination and the second vaccination, which follows within 21 – 28 days of the first, is included in the adoption fee if it has not already been completed.

As the number of pets going unvaccinated continues to rise, there is an increase in the number of vaccine-preventable cases requiring urgent treatment.

Of those surveyed, owners expressed ‘cost’ as one of the top reasons for not vaccinating their pet; with 20% of cat owners giving ‘too expensive’ as their reason for not vaccinating, however the cost of any resulting veterinary treatment could cost much more, not to mention the unnecessary discomfort from pain or stress for your cat.