A Year in the Life of Welwyn Hatfield Branch of Cats Protection

"Cats Protection's vision is a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of it's needs"

The voluntary work of Welwyn Hatfield Cats Protection continues to grow year on year in support of this mission.

You will know from this newsletter, and perhaps if you see us on social media, that our welfare officers are out tirelessly, day and evening, week and weekend, responding to calls and reports from the public about stray, unwanted, pregnant, unneutered and injured cats and kittens. We scan these cats to check whether they are microchipped and, if they are, we can return them to their owners immediately. If not, we check social media to see if anyone has lost their feline friend and if we cannot identify and return them, take them into care to check that they are ok until an owner is found.

If we are unable to find the owner, then after 14 days we are able to advertise the cat for adoption.

During 2019, we homed 164 cats and kittens! It is very sad that we have so many cats that have wandered away from home. Some owners feel that this is what cats do; others might be devastated to find that their cat has gone missing. If only they had microchipped their cat, we might have been able to return them to their homes. In 2019 we reunited 152 cats with their owners.

Before we home a cat (or two!) we like to do a home visit, to find out what type of cat might be suitable for our prospective adopters. We carried out 134 home visits before homing the 164 cats mentioned above.

Our adoption fee is £85 per cat and we raised £31,221 from adoption fees and donations in 2019.

All cats homed will have been neutered (if not done already) prior to adoption. Adopters of kittens homed are reminded when their kittens’ neuter is due. In the past, we have needed to dispel the myth that if they are siblings they won’t breed! Don’t kid yourself; the kittens don’t know that, and toms start to be sexually aware around 4 months old!

We also offer neutering vouchers to the public and 2019 was a bumper year for neutering. We neutered 434 cats (212 males and 222 females) at a total cost of £18,202!