All in a day's work?

Some people believe that we work for Cats Protection, but every single one of us at Cats Protection Welwyn Hatfield District is a volunteer. From Co-ordinator to Welfare Officer and Fosterer to Treasurer, we all give our time voluntarily to pick up, care for and rehome any unwanted or stray and injured cats in our community.

On occasion, we are called out to a stray cat. In one mad week early September, our welfare officer, Glenn was called out to not one, but seven lost, injured and one sadly deceased cat, who were all thankfully microchipped, and we were able to reunite them with their owners:

  • Pickle - from WGC missing for three days
  • Prince - from WGC, missing for two days, and was injured
  • Loki - from Bricket Wood, missing for three years approx. found one mile from his home
  • Fingers - from Brookmans Park missing for two and a half years, escaped after only a short while at new address
  • Cherry/Sweety - from Hatfield, lost for one week, escaped while owner was on holiday
  • Flo - from Wheathampstead, found deceased, owner informed :(
Please, any time you are at the vets, do get into a routine of having your cat’s microchip checked and do ensure your details are up to date with the microchip company, as its makes our lives so much easier!