Our very shy male cat Cider who had lived with us for six months and was very settled, one day walked out of our garden after we had allowed him access to it for two weeks by feeding him with back door open, and didn’t return.

He was recovered by two things.

1: Telling the neighbours nearby by leafletting that we had lost a cat, and asking for their help finding him, and giving photos of him and a mobile number to give news of a sighting.

2: Setting up a humane trap with yummy food, where there had been a sighting.

Calling him did not get him to come, nor dust from household vacuum, nor litter tray contents, nor food in garden. All of these were listed as things that work. Well they may work for other cats but not this one!

He was fixed in a garden for three days and nights unable to leave the pile of rubbish he was hiding in at the bottom of someone’s garden just two away from ours.

If it wasn't for the generosity of Cats Protection lending the humane traps we would not be reunited. I only wish I had had the knowledge of him I do now and that I had asked for the loan of traps sooner than two days after he walked out and didn't return.

He is pretty much recovered now except for a graze to the head from bashing about in the trap, which is healing well.

We are going to install a dog enclosure for him adjacent to our house, which is made of all hard welded wire with a wire roof, so he can still enjoy a bit of the garden lawn and get sun, rain, snow and wind if he feels like it, but not be able to panic and run away if that access scares him. There is already a catflap in the house that he can use to access it when we are out and house locked up, so should work fine.