Reasons to have your cat neutered

1+1 = 20 000 ?

An un-neutered female cat can be responsible for 20,000 descendants in just 5 years!

A female cat can have up to 3 litters a year with up to 6 kittens in each litter. That’s 18 more homes to find each year for just one cat’s kittens.

There are already around 2.5 million stray cats in the UK.

Cats Protection nationally finds homes for about 52,000 cats a year, that’s 260,000 in 5 years. 13 x 20,000 = 260,000. Just 13 un-neutered female cats could in 5 years potentially result in as many offspring as Cats Protection can home nationally in the same period.

There are thousands of unwanted cats & kittens in shelters throughout the country. There are only so many homes to go around – please don’t add to the problem!

Please don’t Litter! Spay or Neuter!

Female Cats

Un-neutered cats are much more at risk of being exposed to serious diseases such as FIV and FeLv.

A cat’s first litter will often have a high mortality rate. A first time mother often seems unable to know how to care for her kittens and the only option for their survival is hand rearing.

Un-neutered females wail and call when in season.

Neutering may help prevent certain cancers such as mammary cancer and cancer of the ovaries and uterus.

Pregnancy & motherhood are physically demanding & take their toll on the mother cat, draining her body of all nutrients. How would you feel if you had 18 children a year?

When a female cat has litter after litter, subsequent litters may be less and less healthy and the kittens may simply die time after time. Left un-neutered cats will mate with their brothers and sisters.  Interbreeding may lead to congenital defects such as heart disease.

An un-neutered cat is slave to its hormones.

Feline sex is not a pleasurable act but an aggressive one with possibly several Toms fighting to chase and mate a female cat in season. The female cat may even be chased to the point where she gets lost, can’t find her way home and ends up facing much hardship having and trying to raise kittens outside on the streets.

Male Cats

Neutering is not just about unwanted kittens! It’s important to neuter male cats too!

Un-neutered cats are much more at risk of contracting serious life threatening diseases such as FIV & FeLV through mating & fighting.

Un-neutered cats may mark their territory (including the house) with strong smelling urine, which can be extremely unpleasant!

Un-neutered male cats are more likely to wander or roam, disappearing for days as they go in search of females & often return injured.  This also puts them at risk of suffering road traffic & other accidents.  Some male cats may roam just a little too far and be unable to find their way home and their injuries will then go untreated. (See our feature on Cooper)

Un-neutered male cats may be more aggressive.

A neutered cat is a safer, happier cat!