Post-Covid Homing!

Well, it’s been really weird for the old hands at homing! The whole process is different now and has taken some getting used to. Home visits are completed virtually by phone with videos and photos of people’s homes or by video calls. The cats are rarely able to be visited, so adopters are having to rely on the profile descriptions given by the fosterers and photos and videos provided by the fosterers. New adopters have had to rely heavily on us to make the right match for them. This might be daunting for many, but as we take the time to get to know the cats in our care, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that we play successful matchmaker!

Some of the feedback comments from follow-up phone calls has encouraged us that the work we are doing is very much appreciated.

The first cat homed after lockdown was Lola. She had been reserved by a family prior to lockdown who were shielding throughout. Her new owner said “Lola is amazing! She’s settled in really well, spends a lot of time with my daughter and has even alerted me when my daughter has been unwell during the night. She has a lot to say and is very demanding of attention!

Of a kitten homed during July, the new owner says “she’s doing really well, no problems at all! Pickles is now part of the family and is an absolute treat!"

One of our ex-fosterers who moved and adopted a pair of kittens from us says “they're both really well settled and have had a big growth spurt in the last week or so. They play well and are eating everything in sight!

Another comment from a satisfied adopter: “Eddie is settling in really well, he’s making it very clear when he wants attention, mainly by head-butting and knocking the phone from my hand! He’s playing well and using the litter box with no problems”. In a later follow up call his new owner said “Eddie has settled in really well and is not backwards in coming forwards when asking for attention!
Other comments from happy adopters include: 

Jasper has settled in really well, is following me around a lot and is very affectionate. He seems to have trouble jumping onto things so I will continue to monitor this. He loves to play with a scrunched up piece of tin foil!

"Mac has settled in really well, he's incredibly affectionate and purry. He's eating well and apart from one confusion with a litter coloured rug, is using the litter tray well. I am very happy with him!

Frankie and Bennie are settling in well, they're eating and using the litter tray with no problems. Bennie is a bit shy but is allowing a few strokes. Frankie is unafraid to let us know he wants attention!

Enzo and Roxanne have taken over the home and are settling in really well. They’ve learned already not to harass the older cats even though they're so eager to play with them! Using litter tray, eating and drinking well and I am really happy with them.”

So a big pat on the back to everyone within the branch who has made the transition to this new way of homing so successful. And we’d very much like to welcome all the new members of our branch who have adopted from us since July!