Putting our heads together

We hosted our first Quiz Night on Saturday 26 July at Welham Green Memorial Hall. It was a very warm evening and tension was mounting.

  • Would we remember to take everything with us? Three of us had divided the responsibility of taking raffle prizes, raffle tickets, answer sheets, PA system and sundry other items.
  • Would we have enough tables and chairs? We had 11 tables of between 6 and 8 people booked.
  • Would anyone turn up? Less than a quarter of the people who had said they were coming had paid in advance.
  • Would the questions be ok? Obviously we were not allowed to see these before the event as we were taking part.
  • Would anyone buy raffle tickets? We had more than a dozen good prizes, and we wanted to raise a decent amount from the sale of the tickets.

These are surely all questions that people ask themselves when they host an event like this for the first time.

Thankfully we remembered to take everything with us and managed to set the tables and chairs out in the hall before the majority of people arrived.

Happily people did turn up – we had 75 participants – a good number for our first event. 

Fortunately, plenty of raffle tickets were bought. 

We were very pleased that the questions were of a good standard. Most teams were able to answer at least half of every round of questions and those clever ones were able to answer more to stretch their lead over the rest of us.

Once the winning team had been announced and had accepted their prizes we asked that participants give us feedback on what they thought was good and what they thought was not so good. The feedback was nearly all good. The only negative point that was raised was that for a future event the hall that we had would probably not be big enough!! Everyone who spoke with us said that they had enjoyed themselves and that they would be likely to attend a future quiz night, perhaps bringing along more friends.

At the end of the evening we were able to announce to everyone in the hall that we had raised more than £500 profit for the branch. On more careful counting the following morning, our Treasurer was able to confirm the exact profit raised was in fact £583.50. This was a fantastic amount for our first quiz event. We are certainly buoyed up enough to want to host another event in the future, so watch this space!

We were so pleased with how well this quiz night went that we are hosting another on Saturday 22 November. Please look for details on our Events page.