Rupert is bearing up

Whilst out looking for Percy (see Percy-stance and Percy-verance article) one Wednesday evening at around 10.30pm, the lady who had originally reported finding Percy behind her garden shed called Glenn again. She had just witnessed a road traffic incident involving another cat. Could Glenn come out and help? Glenn was only a couple of streets away so drove round to the location immediately. Glenn picked up the injured, unneutered tom cat, who he later named Rupert, called Attimore Veterinary Hospital in Welwyn Garden City and told them he was on his way with a wounded black cat.

The vets received the cat, assessed his injuries and very sadly suspected he may have suffered brain damage due to the unequal dilation of his pupils. Rupert was put on fluids, pain relief and anti-inflammatory drugs and then kept on close observations.

Miraculously, and much to the delight of everyone involved, Rupert was found to not have any lasting damage. Rupert, who turns out to be a loving and friendly cat, has now been neutered and is available for adoption.

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