Skippy's family - saved from the dumpster!

We were contacted on 2 August about a mother cat and her litter of kittens found inside a skip at a business premises in Welwyn Garden City.

On arrival, we spotted the mother cat running away from the skip. The five kittens were safely gathered together and a trap set to catch their mum. 

The kittens were black and white, grey and white and one ginger, and just a day old. We knew that catching their mum was crucial, as they were too young to be apart from her. Also, leaving the mother to get pregnant and go through the same again was not an option. Our volunteers and a kind member of staff from the company, who had a key to lock up, spent the next four hours patiently waiting to catch the mother, who we have named Skippy. She has no microchip, and is presumably just another neglected and unneutered stray. She sought refuge in the skip to have her kittens.

The whole family were given some much-needed TLC in a foster home. The ginger kitten struggled to feed from mum, didn’t take to a bottle and had to be tube fed every hour, day and night. Despite the incredible efforts of our foster carer, the little ginger kitten died at just ten days old.

The remaining four kittens and Skippy, who we think is only a year old herself, are on the road to recovery. We’ve named the kittens Hodgepodge, Mishmash, Trinket and Knickknack. It will be a while before Skippy and her kittens are ready for their forever homes, but we will update you on the progress of this adorable little family.