We have Helped You to Keep your Cats Occupied while Saving the Pennies: 2011—Budget-Beating Cat Toys!

Toilet-rolls? Milk-bottle tops? String and Sellotape? Cat toys can be very cheaply and simply made and provide hours of cat-entertainment!

There are lots of things we can make with and for our cats to enjoy, saving us money and providing them with necessary entertainment (even Oldies like to play!) Here are a couple of ideas...

'Spinx's pyramid of fun'

Save up some toilet roll innards. Securely sellotape into a pyramid of your chosen size these can provide fun when a few treats are hidden inside (good exercise and stimulation for a lazy/well-fed cat!)

Also small toys; rolled up foil sweet wrappers for example or a dash of catnip.

'Old-fashioned favourite'

Just like young children, cats often prefer the cardboard box that the toy came in! Boxes of different shapes and sizes can easily become an adventure-world for cats and kittens. Cutting fake 'cat flaps' in can help train a cat how to use one; holes so they can pop in and out of are good. Spy holes can replicate their natural desire to hide and watch.
Ribbons, attached in the box can be pleasantly batted around and, again, stimulate natural play outside. Especially with kittens, these boxes may not last long but they can then be easily recycled and another one created.

Be as inventive as you like; an imaginative child could have great fun making a kitty castle or feline fort!

Knit a miceeeeeee

Small mice-like toys are always fun and handy for the quick-paw to flit about with. Good exercise! Just knit a triangle (or cheat, make a square and fold it in!), fill with some catnip, or if making a larger one, an old sock and some catnip. Sew into a basic triangle-mouse shape. A piece of wool can be sewn on for the tail and even a bit of felt for ears if you are feeling creative! These can be made as simply or as elaborately as required; knitted or old material will suffice.

Even quicker and simpler

Ball up an old sock with some catnip in, tie a piece of ribbon and you have an instant cat-dangling toy!

Cats like Milk...Bottles

Years ago cats always used to be known for their love of milk but nowadays we have learnt that the majority are intolerant to the lactose in milk. However, milk bottle tops are great fun; they make interesting rattle sounds and move when pawed.

Collect several, make a small hole in each top and string together, making a knot before or after each top if attached. More, simple fun (although rattling milk bottles through the night may be annoying; maybe a daytime toy!)

If anyone has any other ideas on home-made cat toys or entertainment, we'd love you to share them with everyone, so please email us.

As with all toys, they need to be checked regularly for durability and safety. Replace when worn.