When Persistence Pays Off!

Towards the end of January, our welfare officer was contacted by someone in Hatfield who had a stray cat living in her shed. It had taken up residence and was showing no signs of going anywhere else. She had started to feed it but wondered if it might belong to someone.

On checking the cat, it was found to be a neutered male which had a microchip. According to the microchip company the owner lived in St Albans. The telephone number given was unobtainable so the welfare officer called round to the address. The current occupants did not know anything about the owner, or the cat, but suggested that the neighbours might. The neighbour confirmed that the owner had done a home swap with someone in Hatfield, about two years previously. They were also able to confirm the owners name.

We then contacted the Welwyn Hatfield Council housing department and explained our problem. The lady in the housing department was unable to give us any information but was able to leave our contact details on the answerphone of the tenant.

Later that day the owner called us to say that their cat had been missing about two months and that they had given up hope of finding him again. He had stalked off in ‘a bit of a huff’ when their other cat gave birth to two kittens.
Unfortunately, the owner, a single parent on benefits, had been unable to afford to get the microchip details updated when they moved. They had also been unable to afford to get their female cat neutered before she became pregnant.
We told the owner that Cats Protection would arrange for the microchip to be updated and we would arrange for her cat and it’s kittens to be neutered.

In the end, a happy outcome, reuniting the lost cat with the family. This could so easily have turned into another unwanted statistic, but for the dogged determination of our local Cats Protection volunteers!