When the Planets Align

At the end of June, the branch was contacted by someone looking for a ‘special’ kitten. Her elderly, much loved cat had passed away the previous Christmas Eve, but she now felt ready to take on another cat. She stated at her home visit, at the beginning of July that she was prepared to wait for the right kitten to come along.

On a Tuesday evening at the beginning of September, Glenn and Carolyne had just completed their first home visit, which happened to be in Stevenage, and were driving to their next appointment in Welwyn Garden City when a call came through to Glenn’s phone; would he be able to pick up a one day old kitten, which had seemingly been abandoned by it’s mother?

Glenn asked “where is this kitten?” and the answer was “In a shed in Stevenage”!

Apparently the shed’s owners had contacted various animal welfare charities throughout the afternoon and early evening but no-one was willing or able to help. They desperately rang another cat charity, who, although they couldn’t help, did have the presence of mind to contact Bev, one of our volunteers who then phoned Glenn.

As Glenn drove to the address, Carolyne rang Rosanna, another of the branch volunteers, who specialises in hand rearing young kittens. She said she would prepare for our arrival, which was estimated to be within half an hour.

On arrival, Glenn ran into the house and out to the shed and scooped up the little kitten. In the meantime, Carolyne turned the van round, rang the person they were due to visit next to explain that there would be a delay, and most importantly, why and she was very understanding.

Glenn arrived back at the van clutching the kitten to him to keep it warm and told Carolyne to drive as fast as was legal to get the kitten to Rosanna. The kitten was very cold and extremely hungry.

As they reached the A1M, they found that it had just been closed for road works! They had to divert, using up valuable time, and went with everyone else who had been diverted along the narrow roads through Knebworth.

On finally arriving at Rosanna’s, she was standing at her front door waiting with a sling on to put the kitten in. She gave it a warmed bottle of formula milk and the three volunteers held their breath. The kitten took three huge mouthfuls of milk; the volunteers all breathed out. 

Confident that Rosanna was the best person to care for this tiny kitten, Glenn and Carolyne continued on to successfully complete the home visit delayed by nearly an hour. This lady was extremely understanding of why they had been so late, and thankfully went on to adopt a cat from the branch.
When the rescued kitten, now named Tama, was three weeks old, Glenn felt she was likely to survive. Carolyne contacted the lady who they had seen at the beginning of July to let her know that the branch had a special kitten that may suit her. On learning about the lifesaving mission the lady stated that she would takethis kitten on, without even seeing her! She said that she had been waiting for us to contact her and knew that we would when the time was right.

As we go to print, we can advise that the kitten is still doing well and will shortly be going to her forever home.

All in the day of a volunteer for Welwyn/Hatfield District branch of Cats Protection!