Something a little different! - Winter Wildlife Rescue

On a wet winter’s evening on the way back from a home visit in Stevenage, imagine their surprise when Glenn and Carolyne saw cars swerving around something moving in the road, while a group of concerned dog walkers looked on. They slowed the car down and saw a goose looking just a little lost! Their own astonishment was only surpassed by the surprise of the goose who had mistaken a busy wet main road in dusky Stevenage for a river on which to land! 

Glenn and Carolyne stopped and tried to encourage the goose onto a grass bank so that the traffic could pass safely while they considered a plan of action. Gradually they heard sirens and before long saw blue flashing lights; they now had to keep the goose away from a police car racing to an emergency! But the police car stopped in the middle of the road and two policemen jumped out to halt the traffic. They then went over and assisted with rounding up the now agitated goose. Glenn managed to grab the bird and Carolyne threw a towel over it to calm it down. The policemen were very relieved – no-one was injured, no goose killed!

Now where to take a disorientated goose? The police had the idea of a local farm, but as it was dark it was considered inappropriate as it wouldn’t be able to fly off should a fox come along for supper. It was agreed that the best place would be on water but the police didn’t seem too keen to take over the handling of the now subdued goose, so it was decided to relocate it to Stanborough Lakes where there are many other geese, and this one would hopefully fit in safely. So, it’s not just cats th