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Volunteering for Cats Protection

07 July 2015

Cats Protection is the UK’s largest feline welfare charity and is able to directly help around 200,000 cats each year. We are only able to achieve this thanks to our network of over 9,000 volunteers who give their valuable time, skills and expertise for cats in need.

Like any volunteer-involving organisation, we engage with volunteers in a variety of ways within the local community and across the UK. The vast majority of people interested in getting involved in helping cats contact us directly in response to one of our volunteer recruitment adverts, through friends and family or through direct experience of our work.  A small number of people who want to help cats are also linked to various schemes and placements. 

We passionately believe that volunteering should be a two way process in which the volunteer and the organisation both gain from the relationship and we welcome all volunteers who have actively chosen to give their time and commitment free of charge to help cats. We do not force any individual to become involved in our work and acknowledge that to be an effective and compassionate organisation we need to involve those who are most passionate about our cause to ensure we provide the best care for cats.